David Christopher Lee, a photographer who is also a film producer and director in the US, is following the new trend by selling several collections of popular celebrity photos in the form of NFTs.

At least the “NFT Gold Signature Collection” that Lee auctioned consists of eight photos of well-known celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Brock Pierce, Khalid, Steve Aoki, and Zedd.

Lee printed and displayed his “NFT Gold Signature Collection” on MerchNFT.com, a specialist digital merchandise maker founded by Daniel Kim, founder of MerchLabs.

“MerchNFT helps digital content owners and creators by minting their collectable NFTs onto the Ethereum network,” explains Kim.

Currently, MerchLabs has launched more than 400 “tangible merch” e-commerce stores for social influencers and is now looking to provide “digital merch” through minting NFTs.

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