Unbxd Inc., a provider of e-commerce product search platform with AI technology, on Thursday (4/2) announced its collaboration with Google Cloud, Google’s cloud services division.

In this collaboration, Unbxd will provide an e-commerce product search platform that utilizes Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence technology so that the results are more interactive and more personal.

That way, e-commerce companies are able to provide an engaging, fast and relevant customer experience. The use of AI technology in the search platform will definitely increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the use of AI technology for product search engines in e-commerce is one step ahead of relying on search engines as before.

Pavan Sondur, CEO and Co-Founder at Unbxd, said collaboration with Google Cloud not only adds to the performance, security and credibility of our solution, but also sets it apart from others in the market.

“We are very pleased to be working with Google Cloud in realizing the modernization of e-commerce around the world,” said Sondur in his official statement. 

With AI-based search engines, such as those presented by Unxbd and Google Cloud, e-commerce companies have a more in-depth understanding of each customer character, both new and loyal.

“It’s also a solution for e-commerce companies to run their business efficiently and easily,” said Nirav Sheth, Director, ISV & Partner Sales at Google Cloud.

For example, the search engine will automatically serve you a variety of personalized products based on the visitor’s profile, including the preferred brands, possible prices, or others.

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