When travelling and staying in luxury hotels, you will be treated to a variety of snacks and drinks in the room, including premium tea. The same treats can be found in restaurants and classy meeting rooms.

These premium teas are part of the 6.15 million tons of total tea production worldwide. According to SuperFinance, a global financial data and information provider founded in Beijing in 2018, at least the teas are currently marketed in more than 5,000 brands.

Among the premium teas, there are Dilmah from Sri Lanka, TWG from Singapore, Harney & Sons and Tazo from the United States, Chaitime from India, and so on. The question is, among the premium teas, which brand is the top in the world?

New York’s global brand research and consulting firm World Brand Lab recently tried to make its research using big data. Of all the tea brands circulating in the world, there are 300 tea brands that are declared to be in the super category. Then, it is reduced to a list of “Global Top Luxury Tea Brands”.

From all that, it turns out that the top tea brand in the world is taken by Twinings from England. Zhuyeging (China) came in second, followed by TWG (Singapore), Harney & Sons (US), Dilmah (Sri Lanka), Tetley (UK), Mariage Freres (France), Chaitime (India), Tazo (US), and Itokyuemon (Japan) comes next.

The top tea brands that have persisted and grown in the market illustrate how indulgent the pleasures are by the growing trend of coffee drinking around the world. “The benefits of drinking tea have long been understood by the Chinese and go far beyond the effects of caffeine that is best known in the West,” said Michael Rice, member of the Global Brand Lab expert panel.

Drinking tea is also part of a lifestyle. You don’t have to wait to stay at a luxury hotel to drink premium teas like Twinings, Zhuyeging, TWG, and so on, but you can also enjoy them at home. Of course the consequence is you have to spend more money than buying a regular brand of tea.

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