The rich always stop by watch shops when travelling out of town or abroad. Watches are one of the products on their shopping list because watches are not just a tool to see time signs, but also a lifestyle and a determinant of social status.

The more unique and rare a watch is, the more expensive it will be. That means it will increase the class and social status of its users. Therefore, luxury watches are always hunted by wealthy people, especially men, just like luxury bags for women.

The question is, where do shops get these luxury watches? Obviously from an authorized distributor. The problem is, shops are less free to get luxury watches if they only rely on products from distributors.

If there are consumers who want luxury watches other than those in outlets, they are confused about finding one. Opportunities for profit are wasted. In fact, this is an interesting opportunity because there are buyers but there are no goods.

Now, the reality that is often faced by these shops can be answered. The WatchXchange, Inc. New York-based on Tuesday (23/2) and then launched the world’s first mobile application designed specifically for the convenience of dealers and wholesalers of luxury watches.

The WatchXchange is here to bring together dealers, shops and luxury watch experts from various parts of the world in one app. The application will make it easier for shops and dealers to find, buy, sell, and auction luxury watches.

Not only the product, the dealer-to-dealer application also offers luxury watch parts and accessories in real time. To be able to use it, dealers must become members first. They are also reviewed, inspected and monitored to a high standard for fraud.

The WatchXchange is the world’s first dealer-to-dealer trading application for luxury watches. According to Alex Akbaroff and Sunny Singh, the founders of The WatchXchange, it will drive the way to get luxury watch products and increase profits for every dealer and shop.

“Now is the time for watch professionals to take advantage of technology,” added Akbaroff and Singh. With technology, dealers and shops were able to break away from the old pattern of relying on telephones, e-mail, and extremely inefficient and time-consuming domestic and international trade shows.

Before developing The WatchXchange application, Akbaroff and Singh claimed to have been in the watch industry for more than 10 years. After observing the patterns used by dealers and shops that were getting out of date, they then developed an application that is more accurately known as the marketplace.

But are you sure you want to send hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a single Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Rolex, and other premium watch? That seems like a challenge that Akbaroff and Singh as developers of The WatchXchange have to convince.

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