Many people go abroad to travel, but some of those who go abroad to travel do so to receive medical treatment. Going to the country as well as travelling is called medical tourism.

So, they’ve travelled to other countries and on the side lines they also carried out consultations, diagnosis, surgery, and treatment related to their health. Types of treatment in medical tourism, including facial, eye, dental, cardiovascular, bariatric, orthopaedic, and uterine fertility treatments.

Usually, people who travel in relation to medical tourism do so because the country still lacks adequate health infrastructure. Therefore, most of those who undertake medical tourism come from developing countries to developed countries.

Although medical tourism is not always due to a lack of infrastructure, some are driven by a sense of prestige. Because, for rich people, money is not a problem and maintaining social status is no less important.

However, make no mistake, it turns out that people in developed countries think the opposite. The high costs of medical care in the United States, for example, have encouraged people to take medical tours to developing countries with good health infrastructure at lower costs.

According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 0.75-1.6 million Americans travel abroad for medical treatment to avoid high medical costs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave an example, hip surgery in the United States costs US$39,299. Compared to if the operation was carried out in India, Costa Rica, or other developing countries, it only needed US$7,000-15,000.

Therefore, many countries are focused on working on the global medical tourism market in order to attract foreign exchange, income for their hospitals, and other income from traveling activities of foreign tourists.

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