Teneral Cellars, an all-digital platform home to a community of like-minded women who sip, create, and act with purpose, based in California, on Thursday (25/2) released the SWARM Sip Collection inspired by the legendary Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a United States Supreme Court judge born in Brooklyn in 1933 and died in Washington DC in September 2020. As a form of respect, Teneral Cellars launched a limited edition Ruth Bader Ginsburg wine collection.

The Ruth Bader Ginsburg collection features three delicious wines that are grown sustainably and produced including Notorious Cabernet Sauvignon, Supreme Sauvignon Blanc and Dissent Zinfandel. 

“Judge Ginsburg committed unwavering commitment to women’s issues through justice and social change. So, we deserve to make a collection in his honour,” said Jill Osur, President and CEO of Teneral Cellars.

He described that his latest wine collection is inspired by strong women and is produced and intended for all women who are strong and continue to strive for change. So, grab one bottle for yourself, one for your friend, and another to keep at home as inspiration to fight for a better future.

To further support its mission, each Ruth Bader Ginsburg collection wine bottle features a different collection of artwork created by female designers. The Supreme Sauvignon Blanc bottle was designed by Cory Justice, the Dissent Zinfandel bottle was designed by Gigi Glazier, and the Notorious Cabernet Sauvignon bottle was designed by Uptown Studios, a marketing and design agency owned by Tina Reynolds.

To further honour the Supreme Court’s legacy, the company will donate US$10 out of every three packages sold to the National Women’s Law Centre, a group of grumpy lawyers and other experts advocating for gender justice. The limited edition Ruth Bader Ginsburg collection is only available via the Teneral Cellars website.

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