Robonomics, a futuristic IoT platform based on Ethereum and Polkadot blockchains, announced Wednesday that they are currently auctioning off art NFTs from autonomous robots Gaka-Chu through the NFT marketplace

The artwork, in the form of a painting, was auctioned in the form of an NFT digital file for eight days from March 23-30. The artwork is interesting because it was made by the robot Gaka-Chu, who started from buying dyes, registering every stroke into a neat painting autonomously.

The artwork that he produces is then printed into an NFT. The collector who wins the auction is not only entitled to own the NFT of the artwork, but also all records of the manufacturing process.

According to Robonomics’ explanation, the NFTs offered at Rarible will automatically appear on is an NFT marketplace that also auctions various other digital artwork tokens.

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