New types of diseases continue to emerge with different complexities. To that end, global health technology leaders are continuing to work on finding ways to address this, including creating wearable remote monitoring tools for patients.

Recently, Biobet, a healthcare technology development company based in Petah Tikva, Israel, is developing a remote health monitoring solution for patients with acute cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), also known as stroke, using a wearable device.

Solutions that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technology are currently being tested with the Vassar Brothers Medical Center, anak perusahaan Nuvance Health, New York. The trial was at the same time to evaluate the practicality and user acceptance of stroke patients who were hospitalized.

The test will measure the patient from a wearable chest monitor and identify any benefits or constraints that result. This solution is important because stroke patients require intensive monitoring, one of which is related to blood pressure.

The remote monitoring solution through the wearable device allows early detection of something that endangers the patient such as bleeding and so on. This is because patient data is presented accurately and real-time.

“Our wearable vital sign monitoring device has the potential to support care staff by providing real-time patient health data from a distance,” said Arik Ben Ishay, CEO of Biobet at Petah Tikva, Monday (1/3).

If trials of the wearable remote monitoring device are successful, then the findings are believed to revolutionize many things in the health sector. Apart from monitoring the patient’s condition in real time, the device also has the potential to reduce the length of time spent in hospital which is very expensive.

Arik Eisenkraft, Chief Marketing Officer of Biobet, said that this wearable monitoring tool could lead to changes in CVA patient care standards and that it could potentially be marketed if applied successfully.

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