Can you believe that this is not the first time we have had QR codes used in our society?

Initially, the QR (Quick Response) Code was first introduced back in 1994 (I know who would have thought) and since then has disappeared into the background. They were well ahead of their time and back then, as smartphones were still a few years away, a third-party QR reader app was necessary to be able to use, which made the use of QR codes seem pointless.

Originally used to track automotive vehicles during production to scan components quickly, during the Covid-19 pandemic they have been reborn to pursue their purpose of holding substantial amounts of information. According to Statista, 81% of people worldwide own a smartphone, with Apple and Android devices having instant QR scanners built into camera mode, there is no need for the third-party download. This enhanced technology has led to the revival and a real game changer for the barcodes.

Just simply scanning the black and white upgraded barcodes you can open websites, virtual menus, what more could we need during a pandemic than something that can give us information without the chance of spreading germs. The norm of being given a menu, that you do not know if it has been wiped down or not between dining guests and not giving a second thought, does not even cross our minds now. Today, in our touch-free world it seems absurd that we didn’t think of these things before.

In a world where digital transformation was rapidly forced onto marketeers and brands, the QR was the saviour. Covid has given the QR code the chance to be reborn into a society we now know as the Covid era. Now will it stay as a way of connecting brands to people’s phones? QR code, it’s your time to shine.

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