Those who live in the United States, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean may already be familiar with Payless. Payless is a footwear retail network that has more than 700 stores in 30 countries since it was founded in Topeka, Kansas, 65 years ago.

Starting this March, Payless opened its new store at 850 NE 125th Street, the heart of North Miami, Florida, an area that has been its new headquarters since 2020. The new store is 4,000 square feet, selling around 10,000 items of footwear, clothing and various accessories.

Unlike the previous stores, the new Payless shop also carries a very new concept. Imagine, from usually being present as a traditional shop like a normal store, the new Payless shop appears with a very different concept: more sophisticated.

The new in store Payless features interactive touch screen wall panels as well as a sleek colour palette, modern fluorescent lighting and signage. Not only that, there is also an Augmented Reality (AR) service that can recognize English and Spanish.

The existing AR technology is the work of Zappar Ltd., a global AR application developer from London, England. The technology became an AR foot measurement chart and a first floor sticker of its kind, consisting of 16 individual 3D animated characters and 16 2D animal footprints. The technology also supports recording photos that can be stored, thus providing a unique experience for consumers.

The new Payless shop is getting more and more attractive to consumers because the exterior features a new community mural by Amaranta Martinez or better known as Superama. Superama is an award-winning local artist who specializes in bringing impactful ideas to life.

Payless has also implemented Omnichannel in the store by integrating traditional shopping models with high-tech contact points in all corners of the store. Sophisticated digital components and new design elements were evident in the store, and the concept was the pathway for a new Payless era.

“Traditional retail stores are not going anywhere, but these days it demands the need for new, immersive 360 ​​degree retail experiences,” said Jared Margolis, CEO of Payless. “We’re always keeping consumers coming back—to smart new retailers.”

That is a glimpse of how AR technology is very beneficial for the global retail industry. The AR market in the retail industry is certainly still very wide open, considering that its use is just entering its early stages. Research firm MarketAndMarkets predicts that the market value of AR in the retail industry will multiply from US$411.3 million in 2017 to US$7,951.2 million in 2023.

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