Panoramic Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, was officially founded by successful entrepreneur Paul Judge and venture capital firm BIP Capital on Monday (8/2) last week.

Panoramic is presented to help potential startups in the Southeast, Middle West and other regions throughout the country to grow. Panoramic has prepared US$300 million for that.

The Southeast and Midwestern regions were chosen to be the focus of Panoramic funding because they have only received 14% of the total funding, even though the population is 44% of the entire population of the country.

“Panoramic is taking a broader approach to investing to give more entrepreneurs access to capital and expertise to help build leading technology companies, regardless of geographic location,” said Mark Huffington, co-founder of BIP Capital. 

Panoramic will invest in its Seed, Series A, and Series B funding rounds in software development companies such as SaaS enterprises, healthcare IT, fintech, digital media, cybersecurity, and frontier tech.

In running the Panoramic, Judge and Buffington will act as managing partners of the company. Judge has extensive experience in the business world having invested in more than 60 technology start-ups.

Judge is co-founder and chief executive officer of Pindrop, co-founder of Lab TechSquare, co-founder of Purewire which was acquired by Barracuda, and CTO of CipherTrust which Secure Computing acquired.

While Buffington co-founded three successful companies besides Panoramic and has invested in more than 80 companies. Some of the companies that Huffington had invested in were Vendormate, Ingenious Med, and Aspirion Health.

“After years of building the company as an entrepreneur and angel investor, I feel that I can have more influence by working with more founders, which is why we created Panoramic Ventures,” said Judge.

As a businessman with a long history of experience, Judge knows what it is like to be an abandoned founder. Because of this, Panoramic wanted to support founders from Atlanta to Miami, from the Southeast to the Middle West, who promised to expand their opportunities in the market.

Judge and Huffington will be assisted by a team of 24 members with decades of experience, both as founders and investors, who have collectively invested in more than 200 start-ups and made billions of dollars.

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