Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) technology, how to order food menus in restaurants is really evolving. Most recently, an AI-based integrated multi-channel digital ordering solution that simplifies the process of ordering restaurant menus according to consumer preferences has been developed.

The Text to Order solution was launched by HungerRush, a leading restaurant management system provider based in Houston, Texas, United States, on Wednesday (3/3) with the aim of helping restaurant chains to drive growth through technology.

The Text to Order solution called HungerRush Text AI functions to order restaurant menus via SMS conversations from mobile devices supported by AI and Natural Language Processing technology in real time.

Unlike traditional telephone services or employee assistance formats that often result in order delivery errors, HungerRush Text AI is more accurate and able to serve consumers faster. HungerRush Loyalty will also send promotions that allow consumers to increase their purchases.

The restaurant industry is at a critical juncture despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are passionate about helping our restaurant chain develop with the right approach to transform digitally. Our solutions allow restaurants to have a closer relationship with their business data and customers,” said Perry Turbes, CEO of HungerRush.

The Text to Order HungerRush Text AI solution has been used by several restaurant chains in Texas, one of which is Jet’s Pizza. Aaron Nilsson, CIO of Jet’s Pizza, says Text to Order is the best and easiest ordering experience on the planet, especially for a market where convenience is all about it.

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