, an online dating and matchmaking site for Muslims around the world based in Dubai, states that its users have grown significantly in the past year.

The users were spread across seven online dating and matchmaking sites owned by, including;; Then,;; and The sites are available in nine languages, including German, Dutch, French and Russian.

Management of on Friday (12/2) stated that the users of the site consist of 59% men and 41% women. No mention was made of the number, but the sites are increasingly attractive to Muslims in various countries.

In fact, in Europe, users are known to have increased 40% over the same period the previous year. London, Paris, Berlin, Glasgow and Amsterdam are the cities with the most registrants.

Meanwhile, the top five countries outside Europe with the most participants in online dating and matchmaking site are from the United States, United Arab Emirates, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

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