MobileODT, a health femtech company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, announced that their VisualCheck AI technology is now being used to help the Dominican Republic government screen for cervical cancer in the country.

The large-scale project is further proof that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology can further assist technology companies in doing many things, including cervical cancer screening.

MobileODT’s VisualCheck AI technology has helped screen 9,000 Dominican women for cervical cancer in the past three months. Considered a success, the project was extended to screen another 50,000 women in the next six months.

The VisualCheck AI technology is quite useful because it simplifies the process of diagnosing cervical cancer which is susceptible to women. Just like other AI technologies, VisualCheck AI allows doctors to make earlier decisions about the development of the disease.

In Dominica, the number of people with cervical cancer is quite high. “However, many cases were not handled on time,” said dr. Alfredo Levy, one of the doctors involved in the project. “Our unique AI algorithm enables an unprecedented screening scale,” added Leon Boston, CEO of MobileODT.

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