LuxAI, a science-based company that focuses on serving special education around the world from Luxembourg, on Tuesday (30/3) launched QTrobot for Home, a robot that becomes a playmate for children with autism at home.

Not only being a playmate, QTrobot for Home is also a study partner that is able to practice new social, emotional and cognitive skills for these autistic children, a breakthrough that has enormous benefits for users.

Technologically speaking, QTrobot is not a new product. Before launching QTrobot for Home, LuxAI has marketed QTrobot for School which is used by schools to help students learn about various things and QTrobot for Research for research institutions.

However, since parenting has been taken over by parents due to the pandemic, LuxAI has followed suit by launching QTrobot for Home. At home, QTrobot for Home teaches children with special needs to smile attractively, speak softly, and the like.

“We launched the parent version of QTrobot after successfully testing it through the Beta version. We are delighted to be able to help parents to continue their children’s education during school closures due to the pandemic,” said Pouyan Ziafati, CEO of LuxAI.

Jay and Catherine, parents whose son has autism, claim to have benefited from QTrobot for School after using it for more than a year. “Our sons have acquired knowledge and can develop new skills thanks to QTrobot,” they said.

In the company’s explanation, Ziafati said that QTrobot for Home is the answer to the changes in parenting for children with autism, which are now being carried out more by parents than schools due to pandemic-related restrictions. Since its introduction in 2016, QTrobot has been used in 14 countries, especially countries in the European region.

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