Klaytn, the blockchain project of Korean internet giant Kakao, is now on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Similar to Ethereum, the presence of the Klaytn blockchain at OpenSea allows the NFTs it supports to be traded peer-to-peer.

The NFT that Klaytn focuses on includes game items, characters, digital art, and the like. As a proponent of mass blockchain adoption, Klaytn is committed to offering high performance, fast response times and flexible scalability solutions that cater to a broad spectrum.

The transaction process is even easier because the user’s OpenSea account can be synchronized with the Kaikas digital wallet so that sellers and buyers can transact NFTs using the Klay token developed by Klaytn.

Jason Han, CEO of Ground X, developer Klaytn, explained that Klaytn’s blockchain support at OpenSea provides an opportunity for the NFT ecosystem to make it easier and wider to interact with audiences.

“We believe that supporting Klaytn blockchain and its growing NFT community empowers the blockchain space that can invite even mainstream audiences to experience Klaytn’s unique digital items and goods,” said Devin Finzer, CEO of OpenSea.

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