The COVID-19 pandemic has not disappeared but business must continue. Therefore, employee recruitment must still be carried out. However, meeting up just to do an interview is no longer something you should do because you have to keep your distance.

That is why a new trend is emerging, namely conducting interviews with prospective employees virtually. Company HR staff no longer need face to face interviews with candidates, but simply do it using remote video like in a meeting with other staff.

This method has been used by, a combined online recruiting platform based in Houston, Texas, in helping its clients to conduct interviews with selected employee candidates.

Remote interviews using artificial intelligence (AI) technology are conducted in the final stages of recruiting and orienting new employees. The process is the same as a meeting using Microsoft Teams or Zoom services that mushroomed after the emergence of COVID-19, but the videos are provided by

“Now, more than ever, we need technology that can increase the speed and accuracy of recruiting teams,” said Evan Sohn, CEO of Group, in Houston, on Friday (12/3). “Video will help with that effect.”

Recruitment of employees by relying on video platforms with AI technology is a solution in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from being an effort to maintain distance for health, this new trend is also more cost and time effective as the trend of working remotely develops.

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