Soon the enjoyment of watching movies or other video-on-demand at your home will be even more satisfying. This is because Imax Corporation, a global entertainment company headquartered in New York, Toronto and Los Angeles, with additional offices in London, Dublin, Tokyo and Shanghai, brings artificial intelligence (AI) technology to support it.

Together with Maximus, the next-generation visual effects company founded by entrepreneur Dr. Daniel Nadler, Imax on Thursday (11/3) announced the Imax AI joint venture which allows for higher resolution video streaming at home.

Later, Imax AI will provide Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K, or even 8K, video to home entertainment screens. By doing so, the company will revolutionize the existing streaming video content to be much clearer and more stunning.

“With the increasing need for high-resolution video content across platforms and devices, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we create, distribute and enjoy entertainment,” said Rich Gelfond, CEO of Imax, in New York.

Starting from analogue to digital technology to laser, Imax is now pioneering home entertainment technology again by bringing the AI ​​technology that is Maximus expertise. The collaboration also gave Dr. Nadler because she and Imax are both from Toronto.

“I watched Rich Gelfond take Imax from what started as a solo theatre in Toronto to become a global entertainment powerhouse, and now I am helping a new chapter of Imax,” said Dr. Nadler. Dr. Nadler will serve as Special Advisor to the Imax Board of Directors, while IMAX AI will be overseen by Vikram Arumili, Senior Vice President of IMAX Corporation.

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