Set the Tone. Our ambition has not changed, just our working location.

A real risk for many companies is that in this unusual environment and without the gaze of your co-workers and managers over your hour-by-hour output, companies go into survival mode. To be successful, we must set the expectation that we have the same drive, the same hunger for success, the same client service and results as before. We don’t know how long our working environment may be different so getting the right mindset from the off is vital. Setting clear goals and objectives and communicating to ensure the right culture is maintained will separate many businesses in this time.

Think clearly when setting goals and objectives. Be Flexible.

As mentioned above the world does not stop just because we are working from home and self-isolating. The drive for success must remain the same. However, the nature of that success may be different. The macro environment will impact marketing performance. Expectations for salespeople may need to change as meetings become impossible. As we enter virgin territory, we need to be very flexible in our thinking whilst still seeking to achieve. Change can be as much an opportunity as a hindrance and it is likely this environment will open up avenues to those that are willing to explore and be flexible.

Push ahead with Communication. Pick up the phone.

Most companies are pushing ahead with video calls and collaboration tools. This obviously is the way to go but just having the tools is not enough. Regular communication and collaboration are a must. In the modern world people are much more afraid to pick up the phone than was the case 20 or even 10 years ago. Email really is not sufficient and whilst we don’t want to create distracting environments with phones buzzing every 10 minutes the need to keep proper dialog going is vital to culture and success.

Ask for help when you need it. Be proactive in offering help to others.

Working from home you can feel more isolated and exposed than in an office. Yet this need not be the case. If in doubt ask for help, either from your colleagues or even on social media. A good contact network is like a superpower and don’t be afraid to use it now that people are working from home. Indeed, it is now the time to make use of that network to push ahead.

Health and Happiness.

Ultimately in this time it’s important that we look after ourselves and each other. That is the purpose behind self-isolation anyway. Let us also remember though that life goes on and get that balance right. Work does not stop just because offices are closed and nor does enjoying life. These things should not be mutually exclusive either. Working for myself much of the last 18 months has been among the most fun times of my career. The next few weeks may not be the most face to face social time, but we should still look to see how we can drive happiness for ourselves and our colleagues.

Wishing you all health and happiness.

Robert Webster is the Co Founder of Canton Marketing Solutions. With 20 years experience guiding leading global brands with their digital marketing setup, strategy and execution Rob is one of the leading practitioners in the industry.

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