Green Street Advisors LLC, a real estate research and consulting firm with operations in the United States and Europe, announced Wednesday (10/2) that it has acquired React News Limited, a leading provider of real estate news sites based in London, England. 

It was not stated how much the acquisition cost, but this corporate action is a testament to Green Street’s aggressiveness in dominating the real estate data and news services market on two continents in the past year.

As is known, in February 2020, Green Street also acquired four property media, including Real Estate Alert, Commercial Mortgage Alert, Hedge Fund Alert, and Asset-Backed Alert, from Harrison Scott Publications Inc., New Jersey, United States.

The acquisition of React News was recognized by Jeffry Stuek Jr., CEO of Green Street, for accelerating Green Street in providing an exclusive real estate news service and strengthening public research on the European market.

“React News has made a great offer that encourages insight and action in the real estate market that is timely, and naturally fits under the Green Street umbrella,” said Stuek in California. 

The four founders of React News, including Chris Borland, James Buckley, David Hatcher, and Jamie Hamer, also think that the acquisition will strengthen their media in the European market.

“We are keen to join forces. This deal allows us to take React News to a new level and solidity our position as Europe’s dominant real estate news provider,” they said in an official company statement.

The acquisition also proves that the React News concept and prospects are in the right direction. This is because the acquisition is very fast for a company, only 19 months after it was founded in June 2019.

Borland and friends stated it would not have been possible without the help of the dedicated and impressive React News staff, customer support, and so on.

Despite being acquired, Green Street will maintain React News editorial independence and continue to operate with the same leadership to produce high quality real estate media products in Europe.

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