Astek Group, a global technology consulting firm from France, announced Thursday (18/2) that it has acquired Immune-IT, a digital transformation technology provider based in the Netherlands and Belgium.

It was not stated the value of the acquisition, but Astek Group management stated in its official statement that the move was part of its international market development strategy.

The acquisition allows Astek Group to strengthen its offering in the Western European market by having more than 100 employees in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands) as well as 30 employees in Aalst (Belgium) with a turnover of 13 million (US$15.6 million).

Immune-IT also benefits because its marketing access is becoming wider. This is because the Astek Group is supported by 50 agencies spread across 18 countries. “We are very pleased to be part of Astek’s ambitious growth project and become a flagship in the Netherlands and Belgium,” said Marc Boesveldt, CEO of Immune-IT. 

Meanwhile, Julien Gavaldon, Chairman of the Astek Group Board, stated that the acquisition of Immune-IT will see Astek Group create organic revenue growth of 500 million (US$603 million) by 2024.

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