Nik Bhatt, a former Senior Director of Engineering at Apple, through the Gentlemen Coders company he founded in Saratoga, California, on Wednesday (17/2) launched LiveScan, an innovative text detection application.

LiveScan makes it easy for users to capture text from images, computer or camera screens, business cards, identity cards, and so on. The application is classified as smart because it is able to recognize various languages ​​such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Chinese.

Apart from being able to capture and translate text in images, the LiveScan application is also able to link the text it reads to the company’s official website, search the internet, display directions, and so on.

“We built LiveScan based on our experience,” said Bhatt, an engineer who holds more than 50 patents in a variety of disciplines. He shared that when making presentations, he was often faced with complex foreign language URLs and signs.

He also felt the need to easily check restaurant ratings when walking in an unfamiliar city. Rather than just capturing text, he wanted an app that could directly link to the restaurant’s website with just one touch.

That experience is what motivates Bhatt to develop the LiveScan application. However, to use the application, it is not free. Bhatt monetizes the app by offering three subscription packages, which are 99 cents per month, US$5.99 per year, and US$9.99 forever.

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