Did you know that recently Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) tweet, which reads “Just setting up my twttr” (2006) for US$2.5 million? The NFT was purchased by Sina Estavi, CEO of Bridge Oracle, Tron Network’s first public oracle system provider.

There is also the well-known investor and billionaire Mark Cuban who sold his NFT motivational quote which reads, “Nobody ever changed the world by doing what everyone else was doing – Mark Cuban” for US$1,732. If Dorsey sells his first NFT tweet through the Valuables platform, Cuban is through Mintable.

On Wednesday (17/3) last week, CryptoSignatures announced that it had released a NFT collection of the signatures of world famous people on the Ethereum blockchain through the opensea.io NFT marketplace such as the signature of the president, famous businessman, legendary athlete, and so on.

In the signature NFT collection released by CryptoSignatures, there are signatures of former US President Barack Obama and Donald Trump, the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, Russian President Vladimir Putin, famous football athlete Cristiano Ronaldo, investor Mark Cuban, etc. 

The signature is printed as an NFT. There is only one signature for each popular character. That first signature is the original, the only, unique, valuable, signature that is stored on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain—so it can be seen by anyone to verify its authenticity.

As can be seen on the Opensea platform, Barack Obama’s first signature that was sold by CryptoSignatures to his Deciman_ account for 0.1 ETH, now has a new owner’s price tag of 100 ETH (US$178,356). An autograph of late Apple founder Steve Jobs purchased from CryptoSignatures for 0.1 ETH, now Egomatic, the new owner, pegged it at 500 ETH (US$891,780).

That is the trend of using blockchain technology at this time which has developed towards accommodating the auction of unique and one-of-a-kind collectibles in the world, such as the signature of a famous person, in the form of an NFT. This trend is believed to be growing rapidly in the future, and CryptoSignatures is positioned as the first collection of NFT signatures on the blockchain.

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