For most people writing is difficult because it requires ideas, word for word concoctions, while mixing the desired point of view. But, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) technology, writing is now much easier and faster.

One of the platforms that allows the writing process to be easier and faster is Craftly.AI. Craftly.AI is an AI-powered copywriter assistant that can change most of the deafening process automatically. This powerful platform is able to compile thousands of content in just minutes.

Iman Bashir, founder of Craftly.AI, explained that the platform works using a machine learning algorithm that runs on the breakthrough GPT-3 technology that can understand and imitate human communication styles. That automatic content creation engine runs completely online, so no software is downloaded.

This method is the answer for those who have difficulty writing, and makes it easier for companies to fill in web page content, write blogs, and so on. In the company’s official explanation on Tuesday (23/3), it was stated that every content produced was 100% original.

We had hundreds of users testing out our Beta in stealth mode to bring you the most enhanced AI-assisted copywriter yet. There is no end to the impact this can have, with content being so important for Search Engine Optimization, capturing queries, marketing, brands,” Bashir said.

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