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LuxAI Launches QTrobot for Home for Autistic Children

LuxAI, a science-based company that focuses on serving special education around the world from Luxembourg, on Tuesday (30/3) launched QTrobot

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MobileODT Platform Used for Cervical Cancer Screening Project in Dominica

MobileODT, a health femtech company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, announced that their VisualCheck AI technology is now being used

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Aura, the World’s First Wearable COVID-19 Detector

At a time when many countries detect COVID-19 through swab tests by plugging a device into someone’s nostril, Empatica, a

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Remote Monitoring Devices for Stroke Patients Are Being Trial

New types of diseases continue to emerge with different complexities. To that end, global health technology leaders are continuing to

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Famous Restaurant in New York Clean Indoor Air with UV Technology

When travelling anywhere, we must maintain health protocols, including when looking for a good place to eat. In New York

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AI Technology Helps You to Succeed in Your Diet Program

Many people who are overweight try to lose weight by sticking to a strict diet. They really regulate their diet

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Geisinger Researchers Find AI That Can Predict Death Risk

Researchers at Geisinger, a medical care centre based in Danville, Pennsylvania, found that a computer algorithm developed using a video

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Nova Raises €2.5 Million in Financing from Sanofi to Advance Jinko

Novadiscovery (Nova), a leading healthcare technology company based in Lyon, France, announced Tuesday (16/2) that it has raised €2.5 million

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The Global Healthcare Market by 2025 Is Worth US$2.6 Trillion

Admittedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology in the health sector. Virtual health consulting and monitoring is

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A helping hand for Lockdown 2.0

With a gloomy start to lockdown 2.0, everyone’s mind turns to how we are going to cope this time around.