AI Technology

AI-Tech Monitoring Cameras Are Increasingly Used in the World

Artificial intelligence (AI) surveillance camera devices installed around the world are increasingly being used worldwide as awareness of remote security

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LuxAI Launches QTrobot for Home for Autistic Children

LuxAI, a science-based company that focuses on serving special education around the world from Luxembourg, on Tuesday (30/3) launched QTrobot

AI Health Tech Technology

MobileODT Platform Used for Cervical Cancer Screening Project in Dominica

MobileODT, a health femtech company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, announced that their VisualCheck AI technology is now being used

AI Automation Technology

Automotive Radar is Now Getting a Touch of AI Technology

In the automotive industry, radar technology has gone beyond sensing technology as the function and efficiency it produces are phenomenal

AI Business Investment Technology

Market Expansion, Fanplayr Opens Two Offices in the UK

Fanplayr, a platform that analyzes e-commerce behavior data using artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Palo Alto, California, is accelerating its

AI Marketing Technology

Craftly.AI Allows Everyone to Write AI-Powered

For most people writing is difficult because it requires ideas, word for word concoctions, while mixing the desired point of

AI Featured Technology

AI Technology Begins to Revolutionize Hotel Bedding

Sleeping on a five-star hotel bed is definitely very comfortable, especially after enjoying a tiring journey. Moreover, from now on

AI Business

Imax Brings AI-Tech Entertainment to the Home

Soon the enjoyment of watching movies or other video-on-demand at your home will be even more satisfying. This is because

AI Business Technology

Zumper Brings AI Technology to Apartment Rental Services

Zumper, the third largest provider of online apartment rental platform in the US, on Thursday (11/3) introduced PowerLeads AI, an

AI Business Technology

AI Adoption Accelerated, but Many Think Too Fast

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the process of adopting artificial intelligence (AI) technology, but many also think that it is