In the automotive industry, radar technology has gone beyond sensing technology as the function and efficiency it produces are phenomenal in the midst of increasingly challenging road infrastructure conditions.

Because of this, recently the automotive manufacturer has promised to adopt radar technology into its latest products in order to provide smarter and more consistent performance of unmanned vehicles.

This is because radar technology in the automotive industry has stepped on 4D imaging, not 3D, which results in more detailed performance. In the future, automotive radar technology will increasingly get a touch of AI.

Based on the study by Fact.MR, the research division of Eminent Research and Advisory Services, the automotive radar technology market will grow rapidly in line with the rapid growth of unmanned vehicles.

“The penetration of 4D and AI technology presents exciting opportunities for the successful launch and production of a new generation of radar platforms among manufacturers,” said an analyst with Fact.MR in New York, Monday (29/3).

The market for automotive radar technology with AI technology is expected to reach US$7,260.8 million by the end of 2022 with the US and Canada emerging as the most potential global markets.

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