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Business Covid-19

Is this the beginning of the end?

With the news that a working vaccine could be introduced into the world in early 2021, leads us to question

Automation Covid-19 Data Technology

Rebirth of the QR Code

Can you believe that this is not the first time we have had QR codes used in our society? Initially,

Business Covid-19 Digital Health Tech

A helping hand for Lockdown 2.0

With a gloomy start to lockdown 2.0, everyone’s mind turns to how we are going to cope this time around.

Covid-19 Health Tech Technology

CARPHA reinstates travel to the Caribbean

Like so many people across the globe, people are eager to get back to exploring the spectacular destinations the world

Business Technology

Is too much technology now a problem for businesses?

Have we unintentionally overcomplicated business processes and actually increased inefficiencies by having too much technology?