At a time when many countries detect COVID-19 through swab tests by plugging a device into someone’s nostril, Empatica, a company that develops AI-based digital health devices from Milan (Italy) and Boston (US), is developing a more advanced tool. smarter than that.

There is no need to plug something into the nostril that frightens many people, the Aura algorithm, the wearable COVID-19 detector made by Empatica, will analyse the vital signs of infection through a smart watch as monitoring heart disease is more doable.

The Aura algorithm will compare data with a historical baseline unique to each wearer. Requires no manual input, when changes in user data indicate that the body is starting to fight infection, Aura automatically displays alerts to applications on smart phones and cloud-based care portals.

That way, COVID-19 infection can be detected early so that treatment can be carried out more quickly. As with the function of the wearable device, the device made by Empatica can also monitor the progress of the patient’s condition remotely.

According to Matteo Lai, CEO of Empatica, Aura is an effective, scalable and affordable tool to screen for infection risk and support testing efficiency while remotely monitoring people’s health. “This is a victory for science and technology in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

Although currently still in the process of obtaining approval from The US Food and Drug Administration, Lai said Aura will soon be available in all European and British markets, areas where cases of COVID-19 are quite severe, before being marketed worldwide.

To note, based on Worldometer data, since it was first discovered in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 until Wednesday (10/3) the COVID-19 case has attacked more than 118 million people and killed as many as 2.6 million of them. With the development of Aura, it is hoped that it will be able to help reduce further transmission.

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