Many people who are overweight try to lose weight by sticking to a strict diet. They really regulate their diet and choose what to eat so they don’t mess up their diet program.

That pattern is very traditional., an artificial intelligence (AI) smart platform developed by Ashaya Sharma and Tamir Barzilai in Vancouver, Canada, has found a more modern way to help people find suitable foods for their dietary needs.

“I realized how many people find it difficult to find food to eat for various reasons,” said Barzilai, co-founder and CEO of Therefore, is a pioneer in predicting diet information and the main ingredients of a menu. has been tested on more than 100,000 users in Western Canada, then in Australia and the United States. Those who are on a diet will find it easier to find suitable foods with calorie content and so on. is here to summarize menu lists in complex restaurants, often without a clear ingredient description. Currently, the platform can only be accessed on a website, but Barzilai said he would soon release iOS and Android platforms.

Interestingly, not only helps maintain a diet for people with dietary needs, but also for those who are allergic to certain foods, need vegetarian food, are low in sugar, don’t like mushrooms or milk, and so on.

“One of the most challenging aspects of meeting dietary needs is the different severity,” said Barzilai. However, users can choose their own menu according to their needs on the website to be sent as their breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Even though it was launched in 2016, Barzilai acknowledged that’s AI-based food search recommendations are still in their early stages. He hopes the results will continue to improve significantly in a few months as more people in North America and Australia start using it.

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