Artificial intelligence (AI) surveillance camera devices installed around the world are increasingly being used worldwide as awareness of remote security monitoring and more and more smart cities are being developed.

As a more effective and efficient way, part of the smart city monitoring work is now being shifted from human labour to monitoring cameras with AI technology, particularly deep learning. Besides being able to monitor in real time, this technology allows the data to be recorded properly.

Therefore, monitoring vehicle traffic on the highway, monitoring security at home and public facilities, or monitoring the situation in public transformation services, etc., increasingly relies on monitoring cameras with AI technology, let alone supported by a 5G network.

“Currently, many city and district governments around the world are actively looking for ways to take advantage of AI. That has led to an explosion in the adoption of smart cameras with AI ego chipsets,” said Lian Jye Su, Principal Analyst of AI and Machine Learning at ABI Research. 

ABI Research, a New York-based global technology market advisory firm, projects that AI-tech surveillance camera devices installed around the world will increase rapidly, and the number will even reach more than 350 million devices by 2025.

According to Jye Su, the installation of monitoring camera devices with AI technology will increasingly become the norm or necessity following the development of autonomous vehicles, the need for preventive threat detection and monitoring of traffic conditions.

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